Special Issue "Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing (CLNLP 2021)"

This Special Issue will present extended versions of selected papers presented at the 2021 2nd International Conference on Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing (CLNLP 2021). For more information on the special issue, please visit:

 Special Issue "Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing (CLNLP 2021)"


computational semantics

data science in language processing

discourse processing

document analysis

graphical methods

information about space and time in language models and processing

information extraction and database linking

information extraction and text mining

information retrieval

machine learning of language

social media

Call for Papers


Cognitive and Psychological linguistics

Computational grammar

Computational models of partiality, underspecification, and context-dependency

Computational morphology

Computational neuroscience of language

Computational phonology

Computational pragmatics

Computational semantics

Computational semantics of natural languages

Computational syntax-semantics interface


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